Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Project

The look of the cafe racer has always caught my attention. It’s mean, urban and simple. As far as custom builds go, it’s a great way to start. This follows the build from purchase to the final product.

The day I brought it home:

The bike didn’t run, and obviously needed some TLC. The tear down began…

My first task was adding indents to the tank to help give it some curves. I used a sheet metal forming hammer and lots of time and patience.

Next was the fiberglass tail/seat section. The seats were constructed with wood, 2″ foam and some leather material from a hobby store. The green material is potting foam (extremely easy to shape and glue). The process is simple and extremely rewarding.

All stripped down:

And the painting begins. I was quite happy with the results considering my limited skills/resources.

The fun begins. It was really rewarding to see it all come together.

An led tail light commonly used in the trucking industry was a perfect fit.

Again, with lots of prep work the paint turned out really good!

Now I’m making some notable progress. There are still some loose ends to put together..but starting to look like a real motorcycle! For those familiar with these bikes, it still utilizes the dry sump. I wanted to leave the frame section where the tank originally sits open, so I fabricated an oil tank to fit underneath the seat. It maintains the volume of the stock tank, and has built in baffling to prevent air from being pulled into the lines. I couldn’t find an aftermarket tank that fit in this location or addressed the issue of air in the lines…so I built my own.

All finished up. I’m extremely happy with the results. All of this done in a matter of a few months!

After all the hard work, the bike was featured in Honda’s Red Rider magazine. It was quite the honor. Check it out on page 38:

RedRider Magazine

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful

    Simply put .
    Not only did you replicate a vintage bike,but your idea came to LIFE

    David Pagan Promotion

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