1978 Triumph Spitfire

After a move to California it was decided that a 2 seater convertible was in order. I found a great deal on a 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500. The car ran and drove excellent but certainly needed work. Here are a few photos of when I got the car.

20140223_120259 20140224_175424


Overall the car was in good shape, however the interior was in need of some serious rework. I ordered a new set of seat covers, foams, and a full carpet set.

While waiting for parts to arrive I made some progress on the paint. First step was clay bar, then two stages of buffing with a pad and compound. It really brought some life back to it.

20140223_165710 20140302_160126

Finally the parts have arrived! Now the seat rebuild and carpet changing begins. As always, it’s best said with pictures.

20140307_171258 20140307_171448







I’m really happy with how the interior turned out. Combined with some shiny paint it’s ready for some coastal highway cruising!