1975 Porsche 911S

The dream car is finally here! Some fun projects in the works for this one :)



20140703_155213 20140703_154011



First things first, get the car running and driving as it should. There was some grinding going into first. I replaced 1-4 synchros, sliders and dog teeth. Luckily the 915 gearbox is fairly easy to work on.






I figured it’s a good time to do some general cleaning and maintenance as well. Valve clearance was adjusted, spark plugs, air filter, engine/trans mounts, all new hoses, etc. I also couldn’t resist the European Racing Headers. O2 bungs and 1/8 NPT bungs were welded in for thermocouples.20140715_173511







Getting ready for paint!image

The car looks great! Now the big task of putting it all back together. All new trim pieces, body seals, headliner, etc to be installed.


Before considering the assembly complete I needed to adjust the ride height. The front is easy but indexing the rear torsion bars is a bit involved. It took a couple tries but I’m really happy with the results. Here are some before pictures.

0913142045a 0913142045

It’s finally picture worthy!

0914141024b 0914141023a IMG_20141004_091411 1011141139b 1011141139c IMG_20141011_083929

A before and after of the interior as well. Nothing over the top but I’m happy with how it came out.

20140706_124057 20140920_124917_HDR


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